Oral Cancer Screenings in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Your dentist can perform oral cancer screening to look for precancerous or cancerous signs and recommend further treatment. The objective of oral cancer screening at Santa Rosa Smiles is to identify early signs of oral cancer and improve the patient’s chances of recovery.

Why Oral Cancer Screening Is Done

Most dentists will perform an oral cancer screening during normal dental checkups. They may suggest further testing if they notice any abnormal signs.

Some people are at higher risk compared to others depending on their lifestyle choices and family history of oral cancer. These patients should be more vigilant about getting themselves screened for oral cancer at regular intervals. Oral cancer can be treated, and tumors or lesions can be removed more easily during the early stages.

Oral cancers can be of several types, including gum, lips tongue, mouth, hard and soft palate cancer, and inner cheek cancer. In addition to checking your teeth, your dentist will also check the soft tissues of the oral cavity.

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Procedure for Oral Cancer Screening

Our dentist will check your mouth, inside of the cheeks, lips, tongue, and jaw for signs of oral cancer. If you have experienced any abnormal symptoms, you should tell him or her so it can be checked out.

Oral cancer screening involves an examination of your head and neck, and the dentist may use a small, lighted mirror to look at the back of your throat. The dentist will also use their gloved fingers to check for abnormalities inside your mouth and tongue and ask you questions about symptoms or family history.

In case the dentist notices any suspicious signs, you may be asked to undergo a biopsy where a small piece of tissue will be removed and sent to a lab for analysis. Please note that not all lumps, lesions, or patches are cancerous – only a biopsy can provide reliable information.

Oral cancer has never been easier in the surrounding areas of Santa Rosa, Destin, Miramar Beach, Sandestin, and Grayton Beach State Park including Sea side, Choctaw Beach, Freeport, Pensacola Beach and Navarre.

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