Cosmetic Dentistry in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on improving the appearance of teeth and a person’s overall smile. At Santa Rosa Smiles in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, we have dentists who are experts at cosmetic dentistry.

There are various techniques involved in cosmetic dentistry. Not all dentists have the skills or training for great cosmetic dentistry outcomes, but at Santa Rosa Smiles, our staff members are more than qualified to meet all your cosmetic dentistry needs. The surrounding communities of Santa Rosa, Destin, Miramar Beach, Sandestin, Grayton Beach State Park, Sea Side and Choctaw Beach, Freeport, Pensacola Beach and Navarre can now easily access our cosmetic dentistry services.

Tooth Reshaping and Bonding

These two procedures are commonly done together. Reshaping a tooth involves adjusting its shape by removing and modifying enamel. Another name for tooth reshaping is dental contouring. If you hear either term, you should know that they’re referring to the same thing.

Dental bonding is the use of materials, usually composite resin, to improve the appearance of teeth. Teeth that are chipped or have broken pieces can look odd and tend to stand out when a person smiles.

At Santa Rosa Smiles, we can apply materials to make these teeth seem complete. We make sure to use materials that are the exact shade and color of the rest of your teeth. In doing so, we guarantee that people won’t be able to tell the difference between your teeth and the resin.

Teeth Whitening

For many people, the issue they face is that their teeth don’t look as white as they used to. We encounter more patients who want their teeth whitened than those with chipped or broken teeth. Teeth whitening is a procedure we perform several times a week for different patients.

We can whiten your teeth in-office or give you instructions on how to do it at home. You’ll find over the counter teeth whitening products and may be tempted to use them. We don’t recommend using these without supervision. When used incorrectly, they can harm teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t new. It’s a field that has been around for a long time. Now, thanks to advancements in dentistry, we have even more options. We always make sure we’re up to date on all that’s new for the benefit of our patients.

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