Four Reasons Why Dental Sealants Are Great for Your Child


June 1st, 2020

Four Reasons Why Dental Sealants Are Great for Your Child

Children are prone to dental cavities than adults and protecting their teeth is paramount. Although proper dental hygiene is the recommended preventive dental measure, it is not enough. You need other measures such as the use of dental sealants to keep the teeth protected. Most parents are apprehensive about dental sealant treatment, but here are four reasons to convince you otherwise.

1. The Dental Sealants Preserve Your Child’s Teeth

According to the Centers for Disease Control, dental sealants are a protective shield against dental cavities as they prevent about 80 percent of cavities in the first year of application. These plastic coatings create small groves on the teeth to shield them from bacterial attack.

2. Dental Sealants Are Easy to Apply

The dental sealant application needs only one dental visit. The process involves a few steps:

  • Our dentist in Santa Rosa Beach will first remove plaque buildup and dry the teeth
  • An acid solution is then applied to the dental crowns to roughen it for easy application.
  • After rinsing, the coating is painted on the teeth

3. The Dental Sealants Can Last for a Decade

The sealants can last for about nine to ten years. However, they need frequent evaluations to check for any cracks. If the sealants crack or chip, visit a dentist near you for assessment and probably a reapplication.

4. The Dental Sealants Are Safe

A major concern when it comes to dental sealants is the Bisphenol A which is believed to affect the immune, nervous, and thyroid function. But, according to the CDC, the levels of BPA in dental sealants are too low to cause any harm.

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Dental sealants are a protective coating that can prevent dental decay. But, they don’t replace brushing and flossing. Moreover, your child needs regular dental checkups and professional cleaning to keep the teeth healthy. Visit Santa Rosa Smiles for your dental sealant application and routine dental checkup.

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