Four Facts About Root Canal Treatment


June 1st, 2020

Four Facts About Root Canal Treatment

Our teeth have the enamel, dentine, and pulp chamber. This canal houses nerves and soft tissues that nourish the teeth during the development stage. The pulp, if infected, can cause pain and weaken the teeth. An endodontic treatment, commonly known as root canal therapy, is therefore done to remove the pulp and stop the spread of infection. Here are a few facts to know about before you seek for endodontics near you.

1. Endodontic Treatment Preserves the Teeth

In the past, tooth extraction was the recommended dental treatment for decay. However, with the advancement of dental technology, root canal treatment is an option. Endodontic treatment involves the removal of the infected pulp, thereby preserving your natural teeth.

2. The Root Canal Procedure is Pain-Free

Gone are the days when the root canal treatment used to be painful. With anesthesia and dental sedation, our dentist in Miramar Beach, FL will reduce the discomfort and make the treatment bearable.

You may, however, feel slight pressure and discomfort after the procedure.

3. The Endodontic Process is Relatively Fast

You will need one or two dental visits for the root canal to be successfully done.

  • Our dentist in Santa Rosa Beach will examine your teeth and check if the infection has spread to the surrounding tissues.
  • Next, a rubber sheet is used to separate the affected tooth. The crown is drilled, the infected pulp removed and the cavity cleaned and reshaped
  • The area is sealed with a biocompatible material and a temporary filling is used
  • Finally, the dental crown is fixed to restore the function of your teeth

4. A Few Post-Treatment Complications Can Arise

A root canal procedure has a 95 percent success rate. However, a few dental problems may arise such as:

  • Reinfection can occur if you had multiple canals
  • Inadequate dental filling
  • Undetected teeth cracks and chips

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